Monday, February 10, 2014

KL Open is now open to all eligible Malaysian players.

Ref: Here.

Dato Santhara came back to me yesterday and said that KL Open will be advertised like all the other International Fide Tournaments in Malaysia. And he has left instructions for that to be done soon.

That will mean that all Malaysian players will have the opportunity to raise their game from the 3 classical fide events directly under the auspices of MCF that we have in Malaysia. And that is very good news for us all.

I have always argued that you cannot ban players for personal reasons. You cannot use a State Association to forward only your own child, your cronies or your chess academy. Our State Associations are for all within the State.

So I take what Dato Santhara meant is that the bank account number and the fee payable will be advertised and all you have to do is to pay in. There will be no need to write to Peter and go through all that unpleasantness.

Look out for that announcement. I will try to follow up and keep you guys informed.

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