Monday, February 24, 2014

The post to control all other posts.

Have you ever wondered why they want the Secretary position so badly? Let me give you a heads up here.

The Secretary is appointed by the President. And the Secretary normally follows the instruction of the President. That is just how it works and if the President knows about chess, then normally it can work fairly well. But that is not the case in MCF. In MCF the President is only there to find the sponsors. He doesn't know about chess. And so the post of Secretary becomes very powerful. Here's how.

1. If you have an issue that you want discussed, you have to write in to the Secretary since you cannot access the President directly and he won't know what you are talking about anyway. So the Secretary can ignore your request and so important issues may not find it's place on the Agenda. (This applies equally to Council members who want an issue included for discussion).

2. As you can see for yourself, the general Council is too unwieldy and many are new. So many do not know all the tricks of the game. And since the Secretary controls the Agenda and many issues will not be discussed because of this, then the Secretary effectively runs MCF on the day to day basis. And he will make decisions that is not covered by Council. This becomes worse since the Secretary also controls the information. For example the last SEA games. How would anyone know about the Myammar chess if the Secretary does not inform the Council? Then a private deal was made and we suddenly have new National level players that nobody has ever heard of, has never won in any tournament or made any selection. And they will get a letter certifying they are National players from the Secretary of MCF.

3. So this gets worse. The Secretary also issues the letters to the colleges when your child applies to University. The certs are not enough. You actually need a letter from MCF. And this will affect your scholarship chances. For instance, Li Tian can now claim to have played at the highest level with the highest scholarship without ever having qualified in any selection.

Is that enough reasons for you to think about?

Now think what would happen if someone who bans players without grounds is to control that post. But there is even more. Look here. This is how KLCA gets their team players. Do you remember how Jimmy and "friends" attacked FGM when Zhuo Ren and Sumant attended the 2010 FGM training for SEA games? Do you know about the online attacks on both of them? Do you remember how the same people attacked the training from a GM organised by FGM for our National Juniors? That is how they recruit. Is that the correct way rather then developing the players themselves?

Do you now see the similarity of that to this? Here. All orchestrated by the same people. I fought back via my blog because that is all I had at the time. Those officials have a lot more to fight back with. So will they defend chess and defend themselves?

But those are big boys you are fighting with. They have even brought in google to elevate Peter Long into the top chess blog in Malaysia. Look here. Now do the search yourself.

Or is this all just a Jedi mind trick for the weak minded? Question. Is it the job of MCF to bring up strong chess players or is it their job to break our players into playing for KLCA and for a few to unfairly enrich themselves from us because the parents and players have no voice?

The future of Malaysian chess now lies in your hands. I just write a blog now. There is no reason to carry on unless those people can be disciplined. And at best that is just a defensive tool.

But there are officials out there. Players out there. Parents out there. State Associations out there. Other bloggers out there. You have power too. Use it to change this situation. Do what you can from where you are.

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