Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is not about Greg.

Reminder again. Here.

To change anything we need to understand the issues. I see Fadli is still angry from his facebook comments. That is understandable. But we need correct action or else somebody just like Greg will take his place. And nothing will change. We will be back to square one for another long long time.

The main issue is the position of Secretary of MCF. It is way too powerful with almost zero check and balances. Even when we replace Greg we will face the same problem again with the next secretary. So we must have good guidelines and policies. We need the whole committee of MCF empowered to act as the internal check and balance. My feedback is that the main obstacle to this is the President. So he needs to be replaced.

But there is a catch. Only the affiliates of MCF can vote. So we need to voice our concerns to the State Representatives.

Now this catch is a little more complicated. Even with the new President, how can we be sure that he will implement a proper system and not fall into the same power trap of the past Presidents? That is the first point.

The second point is how do we convince the State Representatives to act for the good of chess when you can see that they may already be corrupted. Look below again and see the examples. Say you are an upcoming player and you want the backdoor. Can your vote be bought? Say Greg promises that your brother can enter into selection without pre-qualification. Can your vote be bought? Say if I allow you to create National policies and give you fat projects and together we rob MCF. Can your vote be bought?

So you see. To empower ourselves we need to just highlight the injustices. We need the truth to come out. All of these people try to pretend to act in the interest of chess. They pretend to care for the players. But we can see this is not true.

We can see from their actions. And so long as they know we can see, they will know their position is not secure. That is the best brakes we can have. That is why they try to frighten us into silence. And that we must not allow.

So forget about legal action Fadli. The better way is for them to sue us if they dare. Play chess with your head not with your emotions. Don't let them push your buttons.

To do this is difficult for we can only find the strength to not react to the bigotry and racial taunts by tapping into a higher power. And that power is from the love of chess or for the players; the children.

You cannot find that power from your ego. So just speak up. That is enough. The true essence of bullies is fear.

Do not make this personal. For if you do then your actions will come from hatred which is just another form of fear. Then instead of changing anything, you will become just like them.

We do not need to be afraid of scared people. For if we are we will never have the culture to bring up players who can face strong players from across the sea.

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