Sunday, March 18, 2012

My reply to Fuyoh

Ref: Here.

First allow me to apologise for misspelling your name Tse Pin.

Apart from that I think that I have not made any assumptions apart from what was stated in your first article. But looking at the second part of your article above, I see that we are in general agreement. NAG is the responsibility of MCF.

Actually it is the current secretary of MCF that told me that NAG makes money for MCF to allow them the funds for other activities. That information was shared in the early days when it was still thought that FGM would take part in certain activities. So why was this decision changed? And who authorised it?

I commend you for your principled stand. I assume that this means that the suggestion made to you is unprincipled.

So if possible I would like you to take it one step further. I see you balked at the question of where the RM10/head was to go to. Which bank account? That answer would be very revealing I'm fairly sure.

The main point is that there should be transparent accounts. For Asian Amateur as well as for the Melaka event. Overseas money has been given to MCF for the purpose of the development of chess in Malaysia or so I believe. Therefore the full committee of MCF should be able to vet where the money goes to.

I ask even more from you. I also ask that you request a discussion on the agenda on whether KLCA is a proper association at the next MCF AGM. And I also ask that you vote for better leadership in MCF.

As a man of principle I ask that you speak for those of us with concerns but without a voice at the AGM. Can you do that Tse Pin?

ps: May I also suggest that you do a Selangor age group as a way of getting extra funds.

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