Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some random thoughts this weekend.

Ref: Here.

Whitney took drugs to hide the pain of the intense pressure to stay at the top. And she had a lot of support from professionals.

Sometimes I wonder if the people who mouth so much on the blogs have any idea of what it is like to represent the Country. What the pressure is like. What the pressure is like to go for that GM run? And without proper support.

So for all those people that want the current system to remain. The ones that allow a few corrupt officials and their cronies to rob the funds from our associations. The ones that attacked the only training program that was done for our juniors before national representation. The ones that attacked the thematics that could have allowed our players to horne their openings in a training tournament.

The ones that attacked the only junior to have made the senior squad via selection. The ones that want to ban the only male junior that came out from Perak in over 10 years and made U18 and National Junior number 2 in the same year.

I want you to think about what you are doing. Are you so far gone that you cannot see your destructive ways?

After you have thought this through, if you are still able to think; then speak.

Do we have our own version of Whitney? Maybe not drugs but just as twisted and dysfunctional. Do we still use these people as the role model for our kids and upcoming players?

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