Saturday, March 24, 2012

An example of spreading rumours.

Go to the comments in this post. Here.

This is a problem isn't it? What do you think of the thinking skills of this Chee Seng person? He says that Greg took Mok's money in a round about way.

My point is that Mok should say it himself. Then Dato should say that the money has been given to Greg. Then problem solved. Why should he speak for Mok?

I speak about what I have observed or experienced. And then I ask for you to do the same. I say some of you have spoken to me about this and that but what can I do about it? If I write what you say on my blog, I become like Chee Seng.

So it's a trap. The same trap that has caused us to go round and round for 30 years pointing fingers without resolution while our players continue to be whacked again and again in the International arena.

The only way to solve problems are for those involved to voice up. They need to find back their power. They need to stop feeding their power over to them because of fear. Can you see that?

Can you see the difference between me and Chee Seng? Is there a difference at all?


  1. I am sorry. I am speaking for no one. I am just expressing things that I have observed from my personal experience. Just like you have. Why do you speak for Zhuo Ren about him being "coerced", when Zhuo Ren himself has spoken out? So please be reminded that we are just trying to share our experiences.

    You talked about Mok trying so hard to get Greg's attention. This was because Dato had in fact told Mok that the money has been passed to Greg. That is why Mok has to chase Greg around. But Greg had been avoiding Mok for many months, by giving many excuses. That is why Mok has to corner Greg in a public forum before Greg slipped away from him again. The money is a very open business. Dato Tan had promised RM5,000 for anyone who achieves the IM title. Every one knows that. I did not in any way claimed that Greg took Mok's money in a round about way. I am saying that Greg took Mok's money in a very direct and obvious way. Dato' passed the money to Greg so that Greg can pass it to Mok. It is plain and simple. Greg did not pass the money to Mok. There is no round about way.

    This is the truth. I am not shouting anyone down. As to why Mok doesn't want to speak for himself, I don't know. Perhaps he should. But perhaps he has been shouted down by some other people. Or perhaps he just does not read your blog at all. But that is also not the argument here. I am just sharing with you what I have myself observed and know for a fact.

    Is that wrong? If I see a robbery, can I not call and report to the police? Of course the person who was robbed should report. But that doesn't mean that a witness cannot. So I don't know why you are so against what I have shared. Are you saying that I should not use my ears to listen, eyes to see, and mouth to speak even though I have witnessed a crime? You do not have to be condescending about my thinking skills. I am perfectly capable of thinking. I hope you do not go to a personal level about this.

  2. I talked about Zhuo Ren because I was an affected party and he chose to publish his statement in Jimmy's blog. So I was just speaking in my own defence.

    In Mok's case he should confront both Dato and Greg. If Dato is sincere in giving that money then he would ensure that Mok gets his money. Without Dato himself coming out this will be all hearsay.

    My point is that the affected party should be involved in the solution. And until that happens it is just rumours.

    My other point is that there are others who have said to me that Greg has taken their money, Greg has taken the money from the Asian Amateur. That is again hearsay. What I suggest they can do is to publish a letter in any of the blogs with their real name and furnish the evidence.

    Let the affected parties get their justice. We cannot judge without the evidence.

    Do you now see the difference between us? I talked about Zhuo Ren and I talked about Sumant because they attended my training. How are you involved with Mok, Dato and Greg?

    If Dato himself does not back that statement there is no case.

  3. If you don't mind, I would like to point out something else in reference to you being a witness and reporting to the police. The point is that I am not the police. I do not have the authority. My general rule is that if it can be privately solved, then that should be the way. Note, I mean solved, not buried under the carpet. However if the issue reaches public forum as in the case of Zhuo Ren, then it needs to be handled there.

    If you genuinely want this matter with Mok solved and you have influence with Dato, then talk to him yourself. Or else Mok should speak up himself to Dato. The key to this issue is Dato and not Greg.