Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Accuser or Witness?

When I first started this blog, I said that this blog will in the main be educational in nature. My intention was to explore the reasons and the issues surrounding why we are unable to get a GM after all this time. And I think I have stayed true to its mission.

So lets now go to the other part of the debate/discussion on facebook last week where certain people asked me to go for the post of President of MCF or to report to MACC. Questions were also raised about why I accused certain people on my blog with names mentioned.

So let me try to explain comprehensively here what my position is. As a blogger I sometimes have more access to certain information. People tell me things. But I always say to them do what you can with what you have. If you are an official, stand up. If you think someone has cheated you, speak up. Speak up from your truth. But that is your struggle, not mine. So while I can play a supporting role, I will not speak for you. You need to find your own courage. It's your game.

So yes, I write about the going ons in associations; the manipulation of agendas and minutes; the unconstitutional sacking. I talk about the abuses in the system; the match fixing. I talk about the attacks on the first training done for juniors before International Tournaments and the attack on the sponsors involved.

I talk about the selfish nature of the people that asked for the boycott of the thematics because they do not want others to improve. I talk about the extortionate billing to FGM for work not done during the Asean training. I talk about the call I got from an MCF official interfering in Perak's affairs. I talk about the attacks on the players who attended my training for SEA games selection. I talk about the "banning" of a national player without grounds from an organiser/trainer who is a disgrace to Malaysian chess.

But I only talk from my truth. Only from what I have witnessed and experienced; what I observe, and then I have asked for an investigation when I think there are grounds for it. My considered solution is to replace the top in a fair election at the AGM.

So if anyone of you have thought through another solution; if you think you want to be President, if you want blood by calling in the MACC, then that is your call. Do what you think is right if you have the evidence. That will be your fight, your call. I can be available for advice given my experience in chess but it is still your fight. Not mine.

All I ask is that you consider carefully. Are you really the better President? Do you have the proof to bring it to the MACC? Know yourself. What is your true intention? Mine is raising awareness so that others can learn from what I went through. Then you make your own decision.

It's a little like chess. You are across the table. Do you know yourself, know your opponent (in this case, the actual situation) and do you have the guts to make the right decision, the fighting decision?

Don't turn around and look to me. Find your own solution. I have given you mine and I have even suggested some names for the post of President. Do that thinking and you will have learned something of the needed critical thinking skills mentioned in the post below. You can learn it from chess. The clock has started, now decide. Make your own move.

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