Monday, March 19, 2012

How do we get our own Le Quang Liam?

Ref: Here.

I think it can only be done if all the backdoors are closed. If we have proper guidelines and policies that forbid banning of any player without justifiable grounds. If we have strong associations as well as strong private academies and organisers that are also able to compete in the open/international market. They cannot be mollycoddled or allowed to take their own backdoors via associations.

Then the players will have the proper support. Then we won't have players "training" via the veterans before representing the Country. We won't have our own players shamelessly attacked just because they chose a different type of training than is conventionally given here. And our juniors won't be told to wait their turn or they will make enemies.

Note: All those actions are driven by fear. All need of backdoors are driven by fear. All attacks on our juniors are driven by fear. We need to change this culture or the GM won't come. The attacks on the training of our juniors is driven by fear. The attacks on the thematics is driven by fear. The big question now is why are we scared of people driven by fear?

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