Thursday, March 22, 2012

You need to go back to the place where you lost your power to reclaim it.

I hope you will read this and the next few postings carefully. If you can do that, I am fairly confident you will have much deeper insights into what is going on in the chess community and why we don't have that GM yet.

You will also see how you can change things by simply speaking up from your truth.

I got a message from Fadli aka Stone Master that he was writing a complaint to Hamid and Tuan Haji regarding the "kurang ajar" and "biadap" manner that he was treated by Greg.

So lets look a little at the issues. Fadli is a private organiser and so he has rights. Fadli is not MCF or it's affiliates and so MCF does not have direct control over him. Apparently Fadli was "ordered" to move his event as it clashes with Melaka. So it's a strange situation where the secretary of MCF does not do what he is supposed to do within his ambit but now tries to muscle private organisers instead. So what is going on and how did it get this way?

How did Greg reach this point where he thinks he is all powerful?

Lets go back a little in time. When Greg was a newly elected secretary he used to call me. Usually late at night and our conversations will go on for hours. Very often my battery will even run out.

At that time he was surrounded by enemies and he didn't know enough to defend himself. And so I shared what I knew with him. And I told him that I will support him so long as what he did was for the benefit of chess.

But at the last National Junior I saw something that didn't sit well with me. It went like this. IM Mok wanted to have lunch and apparently he could not have lunch without Greg. Greg was talking to someone and Mok kept trying to get his attention. After a while even the guy that Greg was talking to told Greg to go and have lunch with Mok. But Greg kept ignoring Mok much to the embarrassment of those that witnessed the incident.

Why such disrespect? Of course Mok also did the same thing to Zhuo Ren after he came to my house for the SEA games training. So what is happening? Zhuo Ren is a player who is also deserving of some respect by virtue of his being NM isn't it?

And Greg's decisions went further downhill from there. Allowing his new friend Peter to make National policies, maybe hoping that this half crazed man will do his bannings for him. Warning FGM not to try to do our own tournament as we would be "spoilers". And now this fracas with Fadli.

Read this again. Here.

In the next few postings I hope to share some personal insights into what Marina wrote. And I hope after that you will be able to see why Sumant was attacked, why there are efforts to ban Mark, why all the contributions by FGM needed to be put down etc etc.

But above all, I hope you will see why no GM can come from this type of culture. Thank you for your time.

Note: If you think what I say makes sense, please share this post with your friends. Together we can make a difference for our kids. For us.


  1. You don't know the first thing about Greg and Mok. Greg was withholding money due to Mok as well. (The money was promised to Mok via Dato Tan for his IM title). Do you really think that Mok is someone who is willing to sleep in the same bed with Greg after what Greg has done? Greg had been avoiding Mok for many months to avoid paying Mok the money that is owed to Mok.

    Next time, PLEASE DO NOT SPECULATE SUCH NONSENSE. Get your facts right. I will not say more than this. If you want the whole story on the money issue, ask Greg or Mok when you see them. What do you really know, Raymond Siew? Why do you always spread rumours based on hearsay?

  2. Chee Seng. Why dont you just tell your truth? I tell mine as I see it. Go and read my post on accuser or witness. I do not speculate or spread rumours. I ask questions and I reveal facts as I know it. Do not try to shout me down. It doesn't work. If you have facts to reveal, reveal it. Don't ask me to ask Mok or Greg. You are just spreading rumours. Look at yourself in the mirror first before you speak again.

  3. Why do you speak for Mok? Why can't he speak for himself? Why dont you just speak for yourself instead of speaking nonsense. Better?