Friday, March 23, 2012

The illegitimate transfer of power and energy.

All of us are invested with legitimate power and authority as stakeholders. Whether you are a parent, player or official. And with that authority comes responsibility.

So we now come to the question of how did an insecure secretary reach the all powerful position where he seems to be a law on his own and everyone else silenced. Reminder here.

The simple answer is that we allowed him. We allowed him to use our fears and prejudices against us. Lets examine the methods used to get some bearing.

He "allowed" the training and then he went behind our backs to tell players not to go. He "allowed" the thematics and then allowed the sabotage. After Sumant won his place as the first junior to join the senior squad via a selection, he first played with Sumant's mind by "dropping" from the Malaysian Team at Malaysian Close. Then there were whispers to his parents that he may be dropped from the SEA games team. And of course the attacks on the blog asking him to apologise.

You come and tell me that Greg owes money, that he has taken money from people and not returned. I hear the money from Asian Amateur meant for the winner of National Junior has been siphoned away. I hear that he has withheld the winners certificate from players. In fact this I know. And yet nobody dares to speak openly about this. Why?

Could this be the reason? We fought for written selection and he has tried to use this to bend the seniors (and others) to his will. Did you also notice the inclusion of Kamal Ariffin as well as Jun Feng at SEA games selection? New criteria formed after the event. What could be his motive and what signal does this give to others?

I remember Mok was defiant and did not accept Greg's authority at Malaysia/Sing 2011. And he played badly in the tournament. Why so meek now that he cannot even have lunch on his own. Why quietly accept the public humiliation like that at National Junior where he was chief arbiter?

The only legitimate transfer of power, authority or energy is by reasoning and due process. All attempts by lies, manipulation, deflection, intimidation is illegitimate.

Now this is the funny thing. Greg and his supporters know that. That is why they hide and do things via cloak and dagger. Lets stop here. Lets think about this. This is important.

Do you see? Do you see what I am getting at? Do you see that they have no legitimate power and authority. He had to allow the training, the thematic. He did not have the authority to remove Sumant from the SEA games squad. He does not have the authority to take money earmarked for someone else, to keep your money or to withhold your certs.

All he has is the bluff. Now do you understand why Peter needs to say that he did not see the email? And why Greg is so willing to sacrifice this poisoned pawn by getting him to do the dirty work?

So what did we do to help him and his supporters? We believed the lies. And lies can only be spread because we do not dare to tell the truth. It's all an illusion. The power is still with the players and the parents. The law says so.

But the power has been transferred illegitimately. So next time you see his rosy face and see your own reflection in the mirror as pallid and shrunken, remember this. You gave your power to him. Your fears transferred it.

So Fadli, don't worry about him sabotaging you. He can only do it in the dark. Your best defence is to talk openly about it. But only talk your truth. That is enough.

You see when we talk, with every conversation, with every truth revealed we take away their power. The power to lie, manipulate, distort and intimidate. The power to take away your power.

And over time I guarantee you, you will have the rosy cheeks and their complexion will be pallid and shrunken. Trust me on this.

Note: Think deeply on this. They do this to the parents and they do this to the players. Can we expect our players to play with dignity and to hold their heads high when they meet strong opponents when they are already beaten down at home?

All they want is your money but they have nothing of substance to give except their fears. For they are failures who have given up on trying to improve. Who is the strongest player those actors have produced that they shout so loud? Why are they so sacred of meeting other strong players in our own selection tournaments to legitimately fight for their place. Why this twisted way of doing things?

The truth of the matter is that they are scared of us. We have the money. We the parents and players pay for everything. And all they do is keep re-arranging the dust. If we are not so scared we will see this. They have nothing for themselves but what we give them. Illegitimately.

Face this and take back your power. I say this to both the players and the parents. If you have lost your courage on the board, go back to the board to reclaim it. Don't try for the backdoors. If you have lost your power to a petty official because you were intimidated go and tell your truth. You do not need to lie, intimidate or shout at them. All you need to do is to quietly tell your truth.


  1. That's the best Ray! Speak your truth quietly.

  2. Yes Norlito, your volume and tone may be quiet but the truth can sound like thunder. Interesting isn't it.