Monday, March 26, 2012

What does speak from your own truth mean?

What happens when we reach the stage where even when there is video evidence, the argument becomes "It looks like me, sounds like me.....

I think that means that rationality and reasoning has gone out of the window. Go back to all my past posts. What have I said? There is no use finger pointing. This will go on and on without end and we will never be able to solve anything.

And if we cannot solve anything we cannot progress.

So all I say is that we look at the man in the mirror and then we speak our truth. I do not advocate anger or shouting down. All I am saying is give reason a chance. We try hard to understand the issues.

If you have a vote, use it. If you see a friend(or your own child) doing something wrong, tell him/her; quietly if possible. Our purpose should be to solve problems and issues.

But that can only start when we awaken our own conscience and speak our truth. I cannot see any other way working. Can you?

Note: I have observed that sometimes the truth seems very loud even when spoken softly. That is because there is a bell ringing inside you. Not the volume outside. I choose to listen to that bell rather than pretend it is not ringing. Curiously I find that this also has strong bearings on how we play chess too.

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