Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fide and MSSM

Fide has a chess in school program. Probably a more structured program than what we have for MSSM now. So the Fide Secretary came to Malaysia to promote it to our PM's wife.

Lets think about this a while. Just a mental exercise, limbering up, like when we do puzzles before a tournament.

Now we have a well established infrastructure called the MSSM. Why was it that the Fide Secretary was doing the proposal and not MCF? And why need to see Rosmah?

MCF should be meeting with MSSM officials and volunteering to assist isn't it? After all they all say they love chess.

Could the reason be that MCF has no money to be able to engage MSSM? Or is the reason because MCF officials need to cari makan? Or is it both? Chase big tournaments, make money. But money not going to MCF, money going to outside pockets.

A simple important step like this will advance our chess in leaps and bounds. Why the twisted round about way of doing things? Isn't it obvious that it's a racket?

The supporters of this ineptitude want their share. We support you and then you don't forget me k they silently hope. But if there is one defining feature of these people it's that they do not understand gratitude. They only know how to use and exploit. That is their nature. Their promises have no value.

Did they promise you something too? Perhaps a backdoor for you? Perhaps a small project where you get the crumbs. Open your eyes. Same trick for 30 years. Can you really be a strong chess player if you can't see that? Are you the person we would want to teach our kids? Why such moral and character weakness?

So please dont say that you are doing it for the love of chess anymore. We are not blind. If you really love chess, if you really want progress, you will vote in change.

You will make sure that we have a culture of healthy competition. No more backdoors. We want the best to represent our Country. Not those has been players but hungry players who can pay the price and fight with honour. You will not allow our national players to be banned without justifiable grounds.

So you can drop the pretence. We see you clearly now.

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