Friday, March 9, 2012

Questions for NAG.

NAG is the time of gathering for many parents. I probably won't be going this year but still this is a good opportunity for parents to talk and share information.

What will happen is that the top 4 of each age group will be eligible to play for the Country. And the cycle starts again. We will be sending those boys and girls out to fight the fight and to carry our flag.

So I hope you will ask these questions when you are there. Are our boys and girls going to receive any training before they go? What about the competitors that they will be facing? Will they be trained by their respective Federations?

Why are we sending our players into the boxing ring to be the punching bags for others? What happens to them after being punched over and over again without having the means to fight back?

Note: In 2010 we started a training program for the training of our Juniors. This was not successful. Find out what happened. Ref: Here. Ask the parents who went to Asean 2011 what they paid and what they got for it.

Talk to the MCF officials there as this is a national event and it is their responsibility. If you are not satisfied with the answers then talk to your State representatives and ask them what can be done to change things. Compare notes with other parents. There is also a lot of information here on this blog.

Do email this post to friends you think may be interested or affected. You can email from the end of this post.

You will be paying for the overseas tournaments and you will probably also be paying for the officials going there too. And it will be your kids that they are sending out for cannon fodder so you have the right to ask and demand for answers.

If they say there is no money for training, then ask why is this event managed by Datcc? There is no prize money for NAG so almost all the money that you are collectively paying for the event can be used to pay for the training for our Country's representatives.

But where is the money going to? Why does MCF need an event manager when even a large part of the Malaysian Open which is a private event can be managed by volunteers?

Aren't things a little upside down? Ask those questions. We owe it to our kids.

Note: A question that beggars answering is if MCF cannot do the training because the vast bulk of the money has been diverted away then why would they still need to make sure that any private initiative to train our juniors is also frustrated? That is the extent of the malign of those who are leading MCF (and their supporters) currently.

ps: I will try to drop by if time permits. If I can make it please come up to me with any questions you may have and I will tell you what I know.

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