Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A trainer and a coach

I have argued before that once you reach around 12yo, you do not really need a trainer any more. Why pay for a simple lesson found in any book that with some discipline you can learn more in one sitting instead of it being spread over 10 boring lessons?

What you need is a coach. To teach you how to win within the rules. To show you the price you have to pay for success.

A grandmaster once asked a super grandmaster what is the difference between them and the super GM said decision making.

To succeed in chess at the next level, its about decision making and how to improve it. It's about the ability to reason. How to recognise deception, deflection, manipulation? How to make and then hold on to your decision in the face of fear, intimidation and confrontation. For all those things will surely be tried on you by your opponent. It's part of chess.

How to understand your opponents strengths and weaknesses and how to see your own. That is where the masters will come. From that study.

So lets look at this article next. Lets improve our reasoning. Read this. Here.

Lets see where the manipulation is? Where is the character weakness? Will cover this in next post.

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