Friday, March 4, 2011

Why I am supportive of our Juniors.

We have world class juniors. This is proven from our results in International tournaments. And yet we see that they are languishing years later whereas the boys and girls that they used to beat go on to become GM's and World class players.

It's a little like the best of the best are separated and sent to different universities. They are sent to universities in Vietnam, Indonesia, Phillippines and Malaysia.

If the students here, these cream of the world now dont do well, where do we look to for the answers? Here we say the students are not good enough. Could it be our system is not supportive enough? Our trainers and coaches are not skilled enough?

This is a question for the adults who set the system, for the coaches and trainers who guide the juniors to answer. Why shift the blame to the juniors? You all had the same world class material to start with.

The juniors are getting a bum deal. And someone needs to speak up for them. Any more volunteers?

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