Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Due credit

I remember a running conversation I had with fellow committee members in PICA during my time there. They were furious that I kept highlighting all our suspect tournaments since I was in charge of the PICA website then. I said this to them. Do something good and I will highlight it too. But I will not hide your misdeeds for you. If I do that I will become just like you. And that I do not wish for myself.

So PICA, do not try to take credit for the work of others. Do not take credit for Fadzil Nayan or Mark Siew. They got to where they are despite your attempts to bury them. Do not take credit for Sumant. He is from Pahang. You can take half credit for the Fongs. They came to you as Strong State players from Selangor. Take the half starting from the time they came to Perak.

Do not take credit for NAG, your contribution is from your VP Encik Yunus as a floor arbiter. 2 other floor arbiters came from Unit Sukan. Your major contribution is where you all arrived at the closing ceremony and you tried to sit at the front rows and stand at other strategic places for greatest visibility to show you are VIP's.

MCF and UTP did the work. Uztaz Rahman did the work. The arbiters Najib and Marcus did the work. The bloggers did the work. Give them the credit.

And your contribution to the State of Perak is shown on stage when the winners are announced. This you can take credit for.

The biggest unacknowledged people who really did the work are the players. I give to them full credit.

It is not too late PICA. National Junior is at the end of the year. Do something now. I hope to see a revitalised State of Perak then. Be proud of your achievements but work for it yourself. Dont try to steal others credit.

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