Sunday, March 6, 2011

PICA should push for a hearing with MCF.

I have been reading all kinds of accusations on Jimmy's shotbox from someone who appears to come from PICA. Isnt this rather undignified? PICA is a State Association. It has a responsibility to the State of Perak to clear its name under proper channels and protocol not anonymously in shout boxes.

I assert that my sacking not only have bearings to the DKLS sponsorship but also to the KLK sponsorship. At the time of the meeting in DKLS with Dato Tan, President, Treasurer of PICA and me, the KLK sponsorship was also under me. Dato Tan asked me to manage the sponsorship. So I had KLK and DKLS also wanted to sponsor. A few days later I was sacked.

I am visible. I do not hide. I call a spade a spade. My work in PICA is on public record. PICA, ask for the hearing and expose me for a fraud and someone who did not contribute to Perak. I spoke to Greg 2 days ago. Still no response from PICA on the MCF letter of enquiry after more than a year.

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