Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strong tournaments builds strong players.

When I look at IM Goh's journey, this is what I see. That kind of strength of character is not born in one day. It is slowly nurtured over many many tough tournaments. As I have said before the stresses of tournaments can build and it can also destroy.

Faulty evaluations, fixed tournaments and selection, loose tournament formats that allow self weakening strategies like "ducking", unreasonable expectations etc. are negative aspects that can lead to demotivation of players.

A good way to increase our pool of strong players ready to answer the National call is tough and fair tournaments on our own shores. It is expensive for the Country to send players overseas just for exposure. Look at China for instance; I am told that there are not many Fide events there but even local tournaments are tough. And when the chinese players go out, they can achieve GM norms in one go. There is a lesson here for us if we care to see.

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