Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My word is my bond.

PICA's slogan is bringing Perak back to the National level. And yet when I saw many of the old faces, current and former state players and aspirants, they all told me that this was their first NAG.

Many old friends have started to open up as well and tell me of the many years and the many broken promises from MCF.

This is what I think. It takes a high level of maturity for people to see the measure of your actions. Most people judge you from the value of your word. Say something and then go back on your word, forget a promise made and most people will not see the contributions you have made, if any.

More than anything else in life is the value of your spoken word. If you remember this and one fine day you need to make a call and ask for assistance, many will come to your side.

Be very careful of what you promise.

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