Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Off to National Close.

Off to KL and then National Close. Sumant is staying with me and I went through competitors analysis with him. I believe that with both him and Mark working together we maybe able to beat the odds and both qualify for top 8.

Both the boys are tired out from NAG but I am keeping my fingers crossed that they have enough reserves for 9 more rounds.

Well we'll see. I used Jimmy as a test model for analysis as that will be neutral ground for the both of them. I hope one or both get to meet Jimmy. I'm sure he wont mind. He is trying to give back to Malaysian Chess.

Strange thing though. I asked Sumant if he was ever taught this by any of the coaches he has had and he said no. Hmmmmm......

Good luck to all the competitors. See you again after the 20th.

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