Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is this an issue?

Or a battle of the egos?

Lets look at this scenario. After a good clean fight, the players are selected. It doesnt matter whether it's juniors or seniors. We are sending our best team forward.

At this point we will face these issues. Do we expect the best possible result from one outing or will it take a little time? Will we see those who are committed to fight their best for Malaysia or will we see a lack of conviction?

Now what can we do for those we believe have it in them to go forward. Do we have a plan to develop them further? Build on their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

What about funding? Will they need funding for training? For overseas expenses?

What will be the next steps? FGM tried to look at this. So we brought in DKLS with RM2 million in sponsorship fund for development. We tried to bring in heavily subsidised training and free flights for parents, guardians and officials too.

All of these initiatives were blocked and attacked. I was even sacked as an official unconstitutionally and without charges.

We need a plan for development. Looking at one tournament at a time and then starting from square one again and again is self defeating. And what about the players who can play very good chess and cannot afford the costs of development and travel?

So is this an issue we need to look at or is it merely a battle of the egos? All these solutions have been brought to our door step and only MCF can open the door.

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