Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Juniors, wait your turn!

I couldnt believe my eyes when I read this comment on Jimmy's shoutbox by his ardent supporter, Che Harun. He is telling the juniors to wait their turn. Dont try and beat IM Jimmy and make unnecessary enemies.

Where is this guy from?!!

This is competitive chess. If the juniors are strong enough they should win and we should celebrate that win. At the very least they must try their very best. Is Che Harun arguing that the juniors should only play good chess when Jimmy retires? What is this? Government service?

So wait for Jimmy to retire, and only then start your run to see if you can become GM. But dont you dare do it now or you will make enemies.

Is this really the culture we want? Is that how we are going to get that GM? Could this be why the juniors are attacked the way they have been? Is that also why I got sacked for bringing in RM2 million in sponsorship? Wait your turn. Forget about the people who need sponsorship right now to progress in chess. Wait your turn.

We are very near to changing this culture with written selection criteria and if we want further progress then Juniors do your very best to win. Dont give any mind to these dumb threats. To parents and players who have a chance to representation for Malaysia and those who just want to see that GM. Let your opinions be heard. Tell MCF they have to investigate the sacking and allow new sponsors to come in. One final step. Can we do it?

This negative culture must end or we will not progress.


  1. You just got trolled...

  2. Hmmmm, how about trying to raise unconscious thoughts to the conscious?