Monday, March 14, 2011

Where have all the flowers gone?

Just got back from NAG and I'm still feeling a little sad and angry. As I stood there at the prize giving ceremony all I could hear was Penang, Selangor and KL. I didnt hear Perak at all until U16G! And they were announcing all the top 10 winners for each age category starting from U8!!

I counted 3 Perakians out of 120 placings.

We have left Perak Chess for 2 years now and the rot is really beginning to stink. What has happened to all our players? I recall so many young and vibrant sparks from Mark's 5 years of playing for Perak and from my own time in PICA.

Now all I see now are smug, self important officials from PICA dressed in their finery and trying to rub shoulders with the VIP's.

Have they no shame? They look like they are celebrating their disgraceful state of affairs. I see they continue to only want to take credit for the work others have done.

Those people who are only using PICA for their own gain and have no love for chess should quit or be removed.

PICA's AGM is on the 27th March. I hope this time the members will speak out and change the committee before another generation of chess players meet this fate.

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