Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Teamwork is essential to get that GM. No one person has the total resource necessary. There are just too many components. You need the Associations, you need good leadership, good governance. You need good technical assistance and the right mindset. And you need good sponsors that do not try to subvert the agenda for their own selfish gains.

So let me start by telling you what teamwork is not. For that one year that I worked as an Optician, I was faced with this situation. A staff found out that the manager and other staff were involved with stealing from the company and he told me. In the organisation we have teamwork slogans posted on the walls and some corporate exercises on it.

I got cornered by the manager and asked to keep quiet on the pilferage. She and another staff were telling that I need to work as a team. Keep quiet. I reported them. This is not teamwork. This is collusion to enrich oneself at the expense of the company that hires you. This is theft.

Teamwork is something we do when we are building something. Building a future.

Collusion is when we are tearing down something. Lets fix this match so that our people get in, lets fleece this sponsor and charge him double the going rate, lets fix him before he gets too influential by bringing in good sponsors and working too hard. It makes us all look bad. etc. etc.

The net result of these actions is loss. We are then going round and round or even backwards. So be careful when someone asks you to play team. Learn to tell the difference. Teamwork and collusion is not the same thing.

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