Thursday, March 10, 2011

Evaluation skills.

I am very interested in evaluation systems. On the chess board certain positions are difficult to evaluate. Who is winning? A difficult position but one that one contender favours and is comfortable with.

And so enters competitors analysis. How do you get your competitor to play a game that you like or to play a game that he dislikes more than you? Where do you want to win? Opening, middle game or end game?

How do you evaluate someone when he/she is asked to play certain tournaments testing new ideas, testing new openings?

What opening do you use when fighting someone who has a higher rating, a lower rating and at different differentials?

Does proper preparation, consistent training count? Does good habits, self discipline, strong fighting spirit count?

Or can everything reduced to "technical evaluation"? NAG will be interesting to see how far technical evaluation can predict. I am talking about the U18 boys here as a test case. See you NAG. Ref: Here.

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