Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The game only starts after you are elected.

Ref: Here.

Have you ever noticed that the election slogans for change almost always disappear after the election? Why is this so? Let me share from some of my experiences. Back in 2009, after the contest in the Perak AGM, we got a fairly balanced group of old and new in the committee. Those that got into PICA on my ticket were jubilant. But I adviced caution. You see, the game has just started. We haven't won anything yet. Nothing substantive except for the posts. We got good positions from which we were supposed to initiate the changes we campaigned on but nothing came of it.

I think part of the problem is that many who seek positions do not realise this. They think they have won at the AGM. No, my friends, nothing has been won yet. The game has just started. And to win, you need to know how to play the game.

So I have seen one by one seduced by the power of their position and then they forget why they were elected in the first place. Then some are attacked as I have mentioned in the link above. And then they become incapacitated or join the other agenda or removed.

And very quickly the game is lost. So the moral of this story is that you are only a player when you sit at the table. At the AGM you have merely won the right to play but you have not won yet.

To win, you must know your game plan. You need to know your opponents play book. And you need to have the wisdom and courage to form a good plan and then stick to it.

And what is the win?

For me it is when we can stop the agenda of certain officials that penalizes and attack our strong players who are not in their camp.

For our success in Malaysian chess will be measured by the number of strong players we can produce. When they can win medals etc. This agenda must not be hijacked by officials who use their position to only bring in their kangkungs that goes to their chess "universities" etc. And especially one that has not produced a single strong player but is very good at stealing or attacking the players developed by others by exploiting their position in the Associations.

Simply put. If the players are no good and cannot survive tough selection without back doors, they deserve to be knocked out. And officials that do not know how to play the game to bring success to Malaysian chess also deserve to be knocked out. Same difference.

For it is the results that finally matter.

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