Monday, March 3, 2014

Why MCF will never change unless you change.

Yesterday when I was in Kampar, a Perak State Official asked me about the cert from MCF for an arbiters course that he attended when I organised it in 2009 for about 20 Perakians. So I told him to write in to MCF. But he said he didn't know who to write to. I told him, I can supply the contacts of the relevant people but he has to write the letter himself.

Over the years I have heard this a lot. MCF must change. Then I ask them, what can you do in your position? You are the treasurer, the chair of this committee or the other; the President/Deputy President of this Association or the other. Why don't you ask what you can do in that position to change things?

Why do you want everybody else to change before you change? Isn't that an impossible thing? For instance, if I am to wait for Jimmy or Peter to change then I could be waiting forever no?

Do your job and fulfill your responsibility where you are. If you are a player and the rules have been infringed, call for an arbiter. If you think there is cheating in a tournament, inform the organiser. Then it is up to them. If you do not get satisfaction then follow the process and keep writing up. Somebody somewhere with the authority will act. Don't despair and don't give up hope. Just keep pushing the envelop.

I told that State official that I will help him to address his concerns to the right party. But it is up to him to write the letter. I cannot force MCF to issue the cert.

If each one of us fulfill our roles then we will see change. But don't wait for MCF to change before you change. It just doesn't work. Start with yourself from where you are. Then MCF will change. Why? Because MCF is you. MCF is MCF because you are you.

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