Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is KL Open on a tight budget?

Ref: Here.

Dear Peter,

I am finding it a little difficult to do the sums here. Dato Santhara told me that he sponsored the event to the tune of RM150K. And I presume that is on top of the fees you are charging for entry.

During the training for the National Juniors going to Asean in 2010 where I provided a GM to do the training, Jimmy and other anonymous bloggers, with your support were accusing me of making exorbitant amounts of money. So much so that I published my accounts on this blog to show that in fact I lost money providing the training to our players. And I also put up on this blog the letter which showed that Air Asia was sponsoring the training and that the air tickets were not gratis.

I am not going to accuse you of making an exorbitant sum of money from this event out of dire poverty. Instead I think it would be fair to ask you to explain on your blog how you managed to blow RM150K plus the entrance fees and not pay your people.

I showed my accounts and correspondence with Air Asia in order to quell the lies and slander being spread by Jimmy with your support. Surely it is only fair now that I ask you to do the same. And I am not even making any accusations till we examine all the evidence.

Over to you Peter.

Btw, I paid all my people. Even if it came out of my own pocket since I was responsible for the event and they were working for me.

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