Friday, March 7, 2014

What can we learn about hidden agendas from chess?

Ref: Here.

When your opponent makes an unusual move, that is usually the time to look for a hidden plan. That is quite plain and obvious in chess.

Did you know that this knowledge is transferable to real life situations? Lets look at this situation. When somebody objects to a case you present, there could be a few possible reasons. Sometimes it is because they are not convinced by your argument. However you continue to show the evidence. And the evidence is conclusive or at least casts doubt onto the situation. Therefore if you are convinced that the evidence does at least that in your best reasoning then this often means that you are in the face of a hidden agenda.

They have something to hide. And if instead demonstrating that your argument is flawed in some way, they proceed to use intimidation then you can be almost certain that there is something going on that you should know about before you proceed.

These are all part of the lessons from chess that makes you smart. If you are not learning these things, then something is going on. Read this again. Here..

They are correct in a way. Chess is supposed to make you smart. But some people use it as a slogan to deceive you and to keep you dumb. Those people have a hidden agenda. Can you see that better now?

Now apply this to other situations yourself. With some practice, you will learn to make better decisions in life.

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