Monday, March 3, 2014

KL Open is closed for admission and the ramifications.

Peter's announcement. Here.

Have a look and see how many Malaysian players are there. I have written, spoken to State officials as well as talked to top organisers in Malaysia to try to increase the Malaysian participation. All to no avail. Some of the reasons given is that they want to boycott the event. Others say that they are worried that the President won't honour his word to me and so they don't want to go through the hassle of getting a bank draft. So this is a problem. But the question I want to ask today is how do we look at this?

The first thing we need to understand is that this is a KLCA event endorsed by MCF. So both parties has a say. Peter is just an organiser but he seems to have hijacked the event.

I think the problem lies here. The first thing we need is a Vision on the National level. Then the States need to buy into that vision and attempt to replicate it on the State level. Without doubt there will be difficulties with people like Peter. So we need strong and committed leadership who are willing to make difficult decisions with courage. Or nothing will change.

In the event above the President of KLCA himself has asked me to quote his name to bring in extra participation. Here. Not only is Dato Santhara the President but he is also the sponsor of the event. And in fact this offer also had the agreement of the Deputy President of KLCA.

That is one side of the coin. The question above is what does KL Open mean to KLCA and why was Peter allowed to hijack the event?

The other question I'm afraid has to be addressed to you. Why did you not take up the offer by the President to participate? Would you rather point the finger at Peter as a way to vent your anger? Isn't that cutting off your nose to spite yourself? You have a responsibility as a player to uplift your skills. You have a responsibility as a State Association to expose your players. In the past you were not given a door in. We have provided the door for you. Both the President and Deputy President. And me. I was willing to collect the bank draft on your behalf even though it would be a difficult process.

It takes 2 hand to clap. Ignore Peter. He is not relevant. But why don't you trust what Dato has said? Why don't you find out for yourself if he is a man of honour? Why didn't you give him a chance?

On my part, I will buy the bank draft for Mark and pass it on as agreed. I believe we should not prejudge anyone without giving them a chance. Do not rely on rumours. Make your own determination.

Am I making sense to you? Think about it. Is that not also a lesson from chess? You need a plan, you need to trust your own evaluation and then you need the mental strength and courage to go for the win.

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