Thursday, March 27, 2014

This is what I think.

Ref: Here.

When you need to use lies and slander. When you need distraction and deflection. When you need intimidation and bannings. When you need to call yourself a "Ferrari" and then cheat and fix matches; then you cannot possibly be strong. For these are exhibitions of self delusion. For this tells me that you have something to hide and you are deeply insecure.

All these things come from fear. And if you are fearful of me that must also mean we are very close and snipping at your heels.

And so I am further encouraged and further charged to beat you on the table in healthy competition. We do not need those tools or crutches simply because I cannot see any reason why we should be fearful of anyone so afraid of us.

And chess is about finding the truth on the table. So it is only a question of time when we will find yours.

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