Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Have you noticed that some of our chess leaders are unable to deal with tough questions?

Ref: Here.

During the conversation with that official after National Close, he suddenly developed deafness and said he doesn't understand what I am saying and he said that is why he and "others" are "afraid" to talk to me.

That is a little funny because before he got his current position he was talking to me about his so called "unfair sacking" from MCF. And I explained to him that he could not be sacked under current rules and I told him why that was so under the Constitution.

Before he was "sacked" I advised him quietly on my blog without mentioning his name not to write poison letters "anonymously" against other Council members. If I can identify him from my sources, so can others.

Before he got his new position he was reporting to me about the so called unfair selection criteria and how he stands for no more back doors and clean selection.

But suddenly he has developed selective deafness after being "reinstated" and getting the new post related to selection. Suddenly his mind is scrambling and he becomes incoherent and afraid to talk to me. Why do you think that is so? Curious isn't it?.

Ref: Another conversation with another official in the same committee. Just for comparison, if any. Here.

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