Thursday, March 20, 2014

Circumstantial evidence; this is allowed in law.

Ref: Here.

In a court of law it is permissible to present circumstantial evidence for consideration by the Judge. If there are enough circumstantial evidence the Judge can rule in favour even without any solid evidence.

I said there were 3 incidences that I know of where there were suspicions of chess engine usage. And 2 cases were reported. In one case the opponent was an MCF official and the player in question was not allowed to go out without an escort. And the player lost. But in the other 2 cases this did not happen. So the player won one from a losing position and drew the other also from a losing position. And we know that any changed results affect the pairings and the subsequent run of opponents and thus affect final outcome.

So there are reasonable grounds to ask for the NC fighters to playoff again. Especially since I understand only 2 from the current squad wants to play at the Masters. Add another player from the active list and that only makes 3. So that leaves 9 places available for the playoff since they say that 12 players is the ideal number for a round robin.

So MCF has a choice. Either cancel the Masters and then we will be in a quandary as to who will be in the squad this year and who will play at the Olympiad or we have that playoff.

There is no concrete proof but I think a strong suspicion is enough under these circumstances to relook at how to conduct the Masters.

As for the game where many think were thrown, I think the player involved has come up with a lame excuse on his blog. So you can decide for yourself. But the feedback I have received so far tells me that people doubt his explanation.

So it is not too late to get the very best 5 players we have in Malaysia to represent the Country. It is not too late to have fighters who will fight for honour and Country.

All it needs is for some wisdom and the courage to do the right thing from MCF. It's about time yes? I think there is some support for this solution within the Council. So they must speak up or we may yet see another cartoon show again at the Olympiads.

My 2 cents.

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