Sunday, March 9, 2014

We need to identify the problem before we can find the solution.

You may realise that I do not overly protest the so called abuse of funds in MCF. Why is that? In reality the people who are working hard in MCF needs to be paid. That is the fact of life. But lets look at this a little closer today.

Actually this is the responsibility of Council. 

(They need to find legitimate ways for their working people to be paid. Otherwise they expose their workers to the risk of prosecution).

However I do actively protest the way Jimmy and Peter has been using the net to spread lies and slander; to attack players and perceived competitors in the business of chess. I do protest about the unfair selection criteria. And I do protest the use of the State Associations to promote a single chess "university" that has not produced a single strong player yet. Why? Simply because this affects all of us. This is used as a method to protect the back door boys and to prevent the rise of strong players in Malaysia.

Can you see that?

If you can, then let us examine even closer still. Can you now see that the failure of Council to address the income issues of it's workers has lead to the second part? Without a legitimate income they need all those dirty tricks to cari makan.

So it is an interconnected problem. We cannot solve the second part till the Council solves the first part.

If and when the Council solves the first part then we can all focus our energies to developing our players. Right now tremendous amounts of energy is wasted from trying to prevent people like Peter and Jimmy from sabotaging our players.

Is it clearer now? It takes 2 hands to clap. For us to progress, each need to fulfill their responsibility from where they are. It is the job of the players to train and play strong chess. It is the job of the Council to set the conditions where our players are able to do that and progress according to their chess playing strength and not from manufactured numbers etc. That way only produces kangkung players who think they are Ferraris. They have become delusional and have bought into their own lies.

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