Monday, March 3, 2014

Why are hidden agendas so dangerous?

By almost all accounts we know that MCF is in crisis. Almost daily we hear of some drama or another. And we know that these dramas sap our energy do we not? Where is the energy to develop if there are daily dramas created? Where are the new ideas for improvement when we are all kept busy fire fighting?

So let me try to explain that the source of all dramas are caused by hidden agendas.

Can you see that?

The daily dramas are caused by people wanting to subvert the National and State agendas for private gain or profit. So they are always scheming one thing or another to deprive someone of something that is rightfully theirs.

The simple fact is that they will not need to scheme and plot if they can earn the money legally, win their place on the squad legitimately.

So if we want to solve this we need to develop our Vision. That acts as the guide. It tells us if we are still heading in the right direction or if the agenda has been hijacked.

And for that to take place we need every remaining good official to stand up and do their job. Or we simply will not progress by default.

Can you see that? Do you now understand why hidden agendas are so dangerous? Is the example from KLCA obvious enough for you to see how it works? Once you can see that then you can also see it in operation wherever you are. It does not exist in KLCA alone. KLCA is just the most transparent example.

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