Friday, January 13, 2012

One small step.

It is just one more small step to changing our fortunes forever and put Malaysia on a strong footing to competitive chess.

All we need is one good meeting. The Agenda would be how MCF will deal with International Tournaments and it's organisers, how MCF will deal with organisers of National Tournaments? What are the acceptable procedures?

Then walla, no more confusion. How long has MCF been in existence? Why is it that a meeting of this nature has never taken place?

MCF is not one man. It is the entire committee. Any decision made is from authority given by every member of that committee whether they like it or not. And MCF is to serve the Malaysian chess players. It's so simple.

So one more small step. We already have selection. That is a powerful step forward. Now lets have another small step that will unleash our potential. Let MCF have that meeting with the full committee. And if that full committee now says that MCF does not need funds from the big organisers to fund other events like training etc; that it is OK to ban without grounds, then so be it. But let that decision be minuted.

And let the full MCF speak. Not one man. The committee is mandated, not one man unless there are too many grey areas.

One more full meeting, one more step. Can we do it?

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