Monday, January 30, 2012

Time for a dragon leader in MCF?

Change of leadership in MCF is in the hands of the State affiliates. And this change can come from an AGM. Maybe even the next AGM. So I hope the State Representatives will consider my arguments here.

Within the MCF context, the change that can have the most immediate if not profound impact is the change right at the very top ie The Presidency. In actuality power is fairly evenly distributed to all elected committee members but Malaysian culture generally defer to the very top. So it is here that I suggest we begin looking.

Past wisdom dictated that the President is someone with access to funding and sponsorships. And so our past Presidents were selected on that basis. Today I will argue that this assumption may be flawed. I think a very necessary other ingredient is a powerful vision. And we need that President to be able to transmit that vision to the rank and file. Ergo we need the head to wag the tail and not vice versa.

I hope we can start thinking about this today. Like I said all we need is 10 minutes more of thinking time to change our fortunes for the better but this isn't going to happen unless there is good leadership.

If we are not careful, I believe all our successes from last year to date can be reversed. So lets not rest on our laurels. If you like what has been happening in Malaysian chess for the last one year or so, with the upsurge of interest and energy, I ask that you help complete the change and move our fortunes forwards (not backwards)

I will talk more on this subject later and perhaps throw in a few names to help kick start further deliberation and consideration.

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