Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Peter Long?

A few posts ago, I asked why do you think it is Peter Long that is announcing "MCF policies" despite the fact he is not in MCF and MCF has no such policies?

Ref: Here.

Let us see if we can work this out today. I think it is quite patently obvious that MCF cannot endorse a policy that bans any player without proper grounds.

So they need a fall guy. And who else but Peter can possibly think he has the right to create National policies? But there also needs to be some measure of collusion within MCF for this to occur. Someone within MCF is "secretly" assisting Peter in subverting MCF. Corruption?

This situation bears closer inspection. I am told that MCF had a recent meeting post the announcement of that irregularity on this blog. Lets wait and see what has transpired and if that meeting endorses the move now that it has been made public. I trust it will be properly minuted.

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