Friday, January 20, 2012

Wake up MCF!

Stop hiding your head in the sand. See what is happening around you. The time where the warlords ruled is coming to an end. Malaysians are asking for transparency and accountablity. Even Ministers are asked to account. Do not think you are above it all.

We have always marketed chess as the thinking man's game. Well the marketing and the reality do not jive. Chess should be at the forefront of change. A bastion of reasoning. You are not doing justice to a noble game.

MCF is not one man. MCF is an organisation with committee members which are mandated to make decisions on behalf of the Associations who in turn are responsible to its members which is the chess playing public.

Stop twisting the rules so you can give power to your unscrupulous organisers illegally. Stop trying to oust committee members that want improvements by "fixing" them. Get your accounts in order. Make sure every cent is accounted for or you may regret your actions later. Stop trying to knock out strong players because they have answers your "academy" doesn't have.

Instead improve yourself.

Wake up MCF! You are there to lead by serving the public.

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