Friday, January 27, 2012

Dragon CNY musings.

In the beginning the Maharajahs invented chess to teach the nobility and top generals the art of war without having to go to war itself.

Chess teaches strategy and tactics. But within those lessons it also teaches much more. It teaches the nature of opportunity. It teaches the consequence of actions lead by fear. It teaches discipline, training and planning when you reach the level where you ask the question, how do I win? So chess teaches a lot of what we need to succeed in business and life.

But if you look even closer you will see that chess needs to be in the hands of the noble for it to retain its character or it's partial lessons can easily be turned to create strive and destroy from within.

I am sure the Maharajah's intention was to build. It was not a weapon meant to destroy their own citizens or empires.

We have but to look at the history of MCF to see what happens when chess is taken over and lead by ill equipped sergeant's without vision, knowledge or guidance.

What happens when the sergeant thinks he is the Maharajah or even worse, when he begins to think he is the empire itself?

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