Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is our measure of success?

Why do I harp on the players? Go and look at the video below again.

So how do we measure the success of MCF? How do we measure the success of any State Association? How do we measure the success of a Chess Academy?

The simple answer is the strength of the chess players their system produces. It's that simple. Let me repeat. The measure is with the players.

Are you starting to understand why certain people are against proper guidelines? Why they need the power to ban arbitrarily, to put in systems of enrolment where they can say that they did not recieve the enquiries of players they feel threatened by?

If they do not have these arbitrary powers, what do you think they will be forced to do? I think the answer is fairly obvious. They will now simply have to figure out how to train strong players of their own. They will not need to waste so much time figuring how to ban players that are stronger than the one they can produce.

So again, it about the players. Our success as a chess nation can be moved forward only if we produce strong players. And I mean strong players who play fighting chess.

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