Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is the goal? What is the plan?

When we ask these questions, is it only for the chessboard? What about the bigger picture? Does it matter?

Lets say the goal is to have strong players from Malaysia taking our proper place in International Events, our own GM, more of our own medal winners outside of the age group events.

What is the plan? Dont you think proper guidelines and well run events as well as proper training are important factors to fulfil that goal?

So why does MCF continue to support rogue Associations and Organisers that continue to victimize players? We need proper guidelines and the will to enforce them to get the renegades in line with the goal.

We should seize 2012 and move one more step forward towards that goal. Not move backwards and continue the malign that has kept us backwards for so many many years.

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