Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Training Tiger Dragons- What Not To Do.

We know we need a Vision and we know we need a plan. We know we need fearless players who will do the training and take the fight to their opponents.

So what mustn't we do? This is fairly obvious if we take a second to look. We don't need another 30 years to see the answer.

We must not use belligerence and threats to beat down our own players. We do not harangue them till they apologise to shadows. We do not attack them just because they try new forms of training. You do not try to ban them just because you cannot develop strong players yourselves. We do not try to break them and have them kowtow to unscrupulous individuals.


Because when you rob them of their dignity, their integrity, their ability to reason and to trust their own judgement then we do not have tiger dragons anymore. It's as simple as that. When we inject unreasonable fears into our own players we are destroying our own future.

Now I wonder why some of you cannot see that? I also wonder what we are to do with you if you cannot change and insist on destroying our players rather than building them up.

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