Sunday, January 15, 2012

The sum of your work.

To live your life with the weight of a feather or the weight of a mountain. Your legacy. The results you leave behind. This is what this is about.

In the end, history only remember the results. People will come and go but the result stays. I think the crowning result will be for the people who have contributed to a strong chess community. The rest is just sound and fury signifying nothing and will soon be forgotten.

The people who had fought for and supported selection will be remembered by future generations of chess players in Malaysia. At least for that one small step.

What does the current committee of MCF want to be remembered for? Or not remembered.

Be bold. Go for the sky. We have the talent. What we need now is the will of right thinking officials. Lets get out of the pettiness, the narrow mindedness and selfish interests.

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