Monday, January 9, 2012

Private Organisers need to pay endorsement fee to MCF.

It's a simple truth that MCF cannot run without petrol. So I have suggested that big organisers need to pay more than just the Fide fees. Big organisers come with big sponsors and so they can afford to pay a premium.

Without solving this and allowing MCF to have the funds to pay its working officials, then I cannot see how we can resolve the mysterious ways things are done now.


  1. come on la bro....MCF have president, VP, DP , treasurer, sec gen n may committee members.... what are they doing actually. waiting people to feed? they should find ways n means to support the chess community.if that is the case, just closed the MCF n let sports ministry control all the state chess associations.
    There are many companies willing to sponsor, but MCF failed to approach them.
    Look at cerdik catur works, FANTASTIC. SM's tournament can attract more players compare to the one organize by MCF.
    Till now, MCF did not come up with 2012 calender...WHY?

  2. Please use a pseudonym if you dont want to use your name. Thank you.

  3. We do need a professional MCF. I will try to explore this subject in my next posting.