Monday, June 6, 2011

Be fair.

I hear that people are using Greg as a punching bag again. They are upset over the amount they have to pay for Asean this year. Now is that right?

Greg facilitated the training program by FGM for Asean last year. Players only paid RM1K for the training by GM Ziaur Rahman but got air tickets to the estimated value of RM1,500. If there was better participation the amount payable would have been less. But many parents and players pulled out for different reasons. But still there was a savings of RM500 for each player that went to Asean last year. The parents flew for free. The official flew for free.

Wasn't that a step in the right direction? So who sabotaged that program? And why do you want to blame Greg for this now? Didnt he try to provide a solution? Let the blame fall in the right place and then we will progress.

Read this again. Here.

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