Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Ilham

Ref: Here.

You have put forth an interesting analogy. How about this perspective? Chess is an amazing tool to building future businessmen as well as a GM if we include competitor analysis. You get almost all the training lessons but you don't have to lose your pants if you get it wrong.

I say almost all the lessons simply because chess is adversarial in nature but in real world business you have partners as well as competitors. So how to partner is a lesson we badly need in order to thrive.

As a banker I am sure you understand that a healthy investment climate is necessary to promote businesses, sponsors etc. Do you see what I am getting at?

So perhaps we need a strong MCF to help us to create that environment so that rogue associations, organisers etc etc is given proper guidelines to code of conduct. Is that perspective palatable? Greater clarity on when and how to partner and when and how to compete.

Give the cowboys reign where everyone, friend or foe is shot, then we will linger in this dark climate we have created for a long time more to come. Do you now see what action will take us forward and what action wont? Where do you stand?

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