Monday, June 6, 2011

Winning a Tournament.

We have 2 important International events coming up. Malaysia Open and the KL Open. Almost 3 months to go. So we have time to not only discuss this but hopefully also do something about it.

Winning a game and winning a Tournament are two different things. That is why we need to know the field to help us determine the strategy for the Tournament. Whether we are playing for a placing or playing for rating.

In a Tournament we also have to plan for conservation of energy. That is why planning our openings well before each game is important. Winning with less strain because we found the correct opening or know our opening well will allow us to have reserve energy for tougher games ahead.

All of these things need to be considered before the Tournament day itself. If you have done your competitor analysis you will be able to prioritise your preparation. Which weapons to sharpen first.

So use the Thematics we designed for you to do well in those Tournaments. All my best in your chess development.

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