Thursday, June 23, 2011

What is a glass ceiling?

A parent of one of our proteges said to me at Asian Youth that some of our IM's have set a glass ceiling for our Juniors. What actually does this mean and how did it come about if the statement is true?

A glass ceiling is an artificial ceiling imposed to prevent others from overtaking previous achievements. If that is true at all, what would be the conditions that can bring this about?

As I have said earlier, competitor analysis is very tough to do. To do this properly you need to face your fears and your self delusions in order to measure accurately the gap that needs to be bridged. So if during this journey you have given up hope and self belief from too many defeats; if you have stopped looking for the answers and you have no one to show you the way forward, it is easy to be demotivated.

Human nature is a funny thing. We want to feel good about ourselves even while doing destructive things and so the stories, the excuses start, the sabotage starts. It is hard to see someone doing something that we failed to accomplish ourselves. Does this explain some of the funny going ons in our chess community? The funny deals, the attempts to sabotage the only training program for the Juniors offered last year? The mention of making enemies if you do not wait your turn, you are all washed out if you are not GM by 15 etc etc?

The way forward is to look at the hard questions, to improve our skills. But so much energy is frittered away from our self sabotage. Energy that we will need if we are to see that GM anytime soon.

I hope we can take a real hard look at ourselves. Merely offering quotes doesn't really cut it. Many lament daily about our currently sad situation. That doesn't really help either. It is not that difficult to see the problems. Well at least for some. What we need are solutions and we need action to move the solutions forward.

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