Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The "Thinking" Police.

In the outside world we have the moral police. They tell you what to wear, what you can or cannot do. I am not going to debate that here. But in chess we have something else. We have the "thinking" police. They tell you what you can read or what you should think.

Hey! isnt my thoughts my own? How does it threaten you? I ask you for a solution, a plan, an idea for us to move forward. But you have none. Now you are telling me what to think? You are telling people what they can read or what they can think about to look for a solution?

Man, it is just thoughts. We are looking for answers. Chess is about ideas, about thinking. If you dont like ideas then why play chess? And what is your authority; moral or otherwise to say what anyone can read or think about? Are you trying to tell me that nobody except you is capable of thinking rationally?

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